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Pema Dechen Gorap invites guests to discuss topics of interest to young people in this live call-in radio program every Thursday.

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April 24, 2015

Karmapa in the United States

During the recent visit of Gyalwa Karmapa, Head of the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, in all his addresses to Tibetans, (be it in San Francisco, Boston, NYC, or here in Washington, D.C.) stressed on three main points: the Dalai Lama’s immense kindness and the need to repay Him fittingly, the preservation of Tibetan language and culture, and the importance of staying united. This episode contains excerpts from his address to the capital area Tibetans, mainly comprised of the youth. The address is comprehensive and covers all the points he mentioned in the other places the Karmapa visited.

April 02, 2015

ICT Invites Tibetan Undergrads and Grads for its 2015 Tibetan Youth Leadership Program (TYLP)

Interview with Tencho Gyatso of International Campaign for Tibet. Tencho, who is the organizer of the annual Tibetan Youth Leadership Program said that this year’s TYLP will be the 7th and is scheduled for June 1-6, 2015. She said that a few applications have been received by ICT so far, and is confident that they will be many more by the application deadline on April 5. The selected participants will gain a comprehensive workshop covering all aspects of Tibet and Tibetan affairs, and experience the workings of the political systems on the hill.

March 28, 2015

Networking with Youth is Important and Rewarding, says Tsochung

Interview with Tenzin Tsochung, Youth & Sports Coordinator of Gangjong Choedenling Tibetan Cultural Center in Toronto, Canada. Tsochung said that their center organizes regular programs on youth leadership, social and political volunteering opportunities, and that over two hundred young people, age 10-25 participate enthusiastically. Tsochung added that working with youth is successful if the programs gear to their needs and expectations.

March 20, 2015

Treating Aids and Other Infectious Diseases

Interview with Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Sonam Topgyal, from Seattle, Washington, D.C. Dr. Topgyal stresses the importance of prevention of AIDS and other infectious diseases by observing healthy habits and timely check-ups. He says that the most infectious disease in the Tibetan community is still Tuberculosis followed by Hepatitis B. Dr. Topgyal highly recommends everyone, age 13 and above, to take one test for HIV in their life.

February 23, 2015

Tradition of Dre-kar Performance on Special Occasions: Tibetan New Year

Lobsang Samten, Artistic Director of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Dharamsala explains that the auspicious Drekar performance is widely performed on New Year as well as at enthronements and weddings. Since this year, February 19, happens to be the first day of Tibetan Wood-Sheep year, the program includes two versions of Drekar performance, one by TIPA and another during a local drekar function in Nepal.

February 12, 2015

Fulfilling Dream at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Interview with Tenzin Dolma, a young Tibetan graduate who is enrolled in a ten-month program to study in Hungary on all aspects of human rights. Dolma said that she is thrilled and most grateful to be studying at the University and knows first-hand what it means to struggle to get her dreams fulfilled since she had to ask her friends and family through facebook for donations to cover her airfare and other expenses to get to Hungary, even after her admission was confirmed. She hopes to serve the Tibetan community in some way and is most happy to share her story to inspire other young peers.

February 05, 2015

Bi-lingual Education on the Rise

Interview with Nawang Phuntsog, Associate Professor, Fullerton State University, S.CA. on his research work and observation on bi-lingual education. Phuntsog said that he found Tibetan children, transitioning from Tibetan into English in grade 6, facing certain problems in the beginning but doing quite well after a year. He recommends better preparation and lesson plans for the program to succeed. Drawing from his teaching experiences, the Professor said that it is not difficult for children to learn two or three languages at the same time, and in fact, parents and teachers should encourage them to do so, for the children’s future prospects.

Pema Dechen Gorap  invites young Tibetans to discuss topics of interest to Tibetan youth in this live call-in radio program. Listeners can call in and participate in the show every Thursday. Emails are always welcome and will be addressed on upcoming shows. Contact youth & education at

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  • Schedule: Thursdays
  • Local Time: 1000
  • UTC Time: 1400
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