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Mother of Five Carries Out Self-Immolation Protest in Tibetan Area

Tashi Kyi

Tashi Kyi from Ngura Village, Sanchu County, Ganan Prefecture in today's Gansu Province had succumbed to her burns around 3am this morning. More

Audio China Vows to Keep Tibet

Xi called for further efforts to “effectively manage monasteries in the long run, encouraging interpretations of religious doctrines that are compatible with a socialist society"

Audio Lone Tibetan Protester Arrested in Lithang County

An unidentified Tibetan youth staged a lone protest early Tuesday morning in front of a police station in Ganze Prefecture, a Tibetan area in Sichuan Province.

Audio Dharamsala Holds First Tibetan Parent’s Conference

Over 250 parents and representatives from 43 different settlement schools were gathered at the discussion.

Audio Police Violence At Cultural Festival In Kham Nangchen

Chinese authorities issued a directive enforcing the Tibetans to perform traditional dances wearing expensive costumes, as part of the annual Armed Force Day celebration.

Audio US Urges Rights Improvement in Tibet and Xinjiang Ahead of Xi Visit

The US raised concerns such as China's crackdown on human rights lawyers, restrictions on US journalists in China, and curbs on religious freedom

Audio Bir Tibetans Mark 4th Mourning Week of Tulku Tenzin Delek

RTWA organized signature campaigns to urge China to solve the crisis in Tibet, while conducting a transparent investigation into Tenzin Delek Rinpoche's sudden death.

Audio Two Tibetans Announce their Candidacy for Sikyong

Lhukar Jam, a Tibetan Activist and Penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament announced their candidacy for the 2016 election of the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Administration in Exile.

Audio Prominent Tibetan Political Prisoner Released

Rongye Adrak appears at his home in Lithang, Tibet, after spending eight years in a Chinese prison, accompanied by Lithang County police and Mianyang Prison officials

Rungye Adak: Arrested In Daylight, Released At Midnight

Two weeks after the prison death of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, one of Tibet’s most well-known political prisoners, another renowned political prisoner has been released after serving a sentence of 8 years. The Chinese authorities avoided his receiving a hero’s welcome home by driving him straight to his

Audio Hepatitis B Challenges Tibetans Communities Worldwide

Tibetan communities around the world, including those in the West, suffer from ahigher than average rate of Hepatitis B. The problem is most serious inside Tibet due to the lack of proper system for vaccinations and poor child delivery practices. A doctor in Tibet had discovered that certain vaccine

Audio Working Committee Meeting of Tibetan Youth Congress Begins in Delhi

Tenzing Jigme, president of the of TYC’s Central Executive Committee raised the issue of recent frictions between the center and the regional chapters of New York / New Jersey and previously with eight regional chapters in India.

Video Another Tibetan Activist Dies in Chinese Detention

Death of environmental activist Lobsang Yeshi comes five days after well-known Tibetan political prisoner Tenzin Delek Rinpoche dies in Chinese prison

Rights Groups Criticize Both 2022 Winter Olympic Bids

Watchdog groups take aim at human rights records of China and Kazakhstan, just over a week before IOC picks host country

Video US Congressional Executive Committee Holds Hearing on Religious Freedom in Tibet and China

The Congressional Executive Committee on China held a hearing on ‘Religion With “Chinese Characteristics”: Persecution and Control in Xi Jinping’s China’ on Thursday that looks at the deteriorating state of religious freedom in China and Tibetan regions.

Digital Solution Helps Shield Online Activists

'Tails' aims to put robust Internet privacy and circumvention in reach of nearly everyone, and is being championed by growing number of journalists, advocacy groups

Audio The Prison Death Of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

"Rinpoche's sister Dolkar Lhamo, and her daughter Nyima Lhamo were arrested by the authorities this morning, and hasn't been heard from since," says Geshe Nyima, a cousin of Tulku Tenzin Delek from Dharamsala.

Audio Tibetan Lama's Body Cremated Against Family's Wishes

Tenzin Delek died in prison while serving life sentence for what human rights groups say were false charges of financing, supporting a series of terrorist bombings, secession activities

Audio Tibetans and Supporters Organize Global Solidarity Campaign for Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

Chinese authorities cremated the body of Delek Rinpoche in a prison Thursday against the wishes of his family, who had wanted to perform Buddhist funeral rites on the body in his hometown.

Audio US Congress Outraged Over Death of Tibetan Dissident

Congressman James McGovern said Congress should send a bipartisan delegation to Tibet before Chinese president Xi’s visit to the US in September

Audio High-profile Tibetan Monk Dies in Prison in China

US, EU and rights groups had called for release of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche who was serving a 20-year sentence on charges of 'crimes of terror and incitement of separatism'

Audio Tulku Tenzin Delek Dies in China Prison

The cause of death is unclear at present but it widely known that he was suffering from a heart condition amongst other things, and that he had been denied serious medical attention for several years by the Chinese authorities.

Audio Tibetans Celebrate Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday

Music, dance mark vibrant cultural display in honor of Tibetan spiritual leader's birthday in Dharamsala, India

Audio Tibetan Monk Self-Immolates in Kyegudo

The incident took place in Kyegudo Prefecture, located in northwest of China's Qinghai Province around 4pm local time today.

Audio US House Resolution Urges China to Improve Human Rights in Tibet

The resolution called on the US government to establish an office in Lhasa, Tibet to monitor political, economic and cultural developments

Video Tibetan, Chinese Women’s Soccer Teams Make History With First Encounter

In the best traditions of sports diplomacy, players came together at a women’s seven-aside soccer tournament in Berlin, Germany this past weekend

Audio Dalai Lama's Contributions to Humanity: Panel Discussion

The bureau of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan community in Delhi, in collaboration with the India International Center organized a panel discussion on Tibet's revered leader's contributions to humanity.

Audio Tibetans in Dharamsala Honor Dalai Lama's Birthday

Five thousand Tibetans residing in Dharamsala joined the official function of the Central Tibetan Administration to honor the birthday of their beloved leader.

Audio Indian Tibet Support Group Celebrates Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday

Bharat Tibbat Sahayog Manch organized a function at the Chinmaya Mission Center, New Delhi on July 5, 2015.

Audio Photo Exhibition on Dalai Lama's Life Held in New Delhi

The exhibition recalling the most important phases of the Dalai Lama's life dedicated to the promotion of non-violence, inter-religious harmony, and message of dialogue were displaced at India International Center.

Audio Former US President Invites Dalai Lama to Bush Center in Texas

The public event is jointly hosted by the George W. Bush Presidential Center and SMU in conjunction with the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth.

Audio VOA Tibetan Offers Millions Of Viewers Rare Glimpse Of Dalai Lama’s ‘Long Life Ceremony’

It was the first time since the Chinese takeover in 1959, that the elaborate tradition of the so-called “Long Life Ceremony” (Tenshung) was televised for millions to see inside and outside Tibet.

Audio Dharamsala Holds First International Gelug Conference

Three hundreds representatives of the Gelugpa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism from 97 Gelug monasteries and nunneries gathered in Dharamsala, Northern India for their first international conference.

Audio CTA Launches Video Message for Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday

Lobsang Sangay, head of the Tibetan administration in exile, launched the videos during a press conference held at the Lhakpa Tsering Hall of Upper TCV School in Dharamsala.

Audio Gyaton Tenshug for the 80th Birth Year of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

A 4 hour live satellite television broadcast of the Tenshug offering and after ceremonies from the main temple of Tsuklag-khang in Dharamsala, Northern India.

Audio Tibetan Protesters in Switzerland Disrupt Beijing’s Bid to 2022 Winter Olympic

China's foreign ministry condemned Wednesday's protest in Switzerland calling it, 'provocative'.

Audio Team Mundgod Takes 21st GCM Championship

Gyalyum Chenmo Memorial is an annual soccer tournament, also considered the biggest sporting event within the diaspora Tibetan community with participants from over 28 teams.

China's Panchen Lama Vows to Uphold National Unity

Gyaltsen Norbu tells President Xi Jinping he backed national unity and would strive to meet Communist Party's expectations

Audio China Warns Relief Aid Cut to Tibetan Villagers Refusing to Relocate

The villagers are reportedly living in tents that are set up on their barley fields, creating farther delay in barley planting.


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Kunleng News Aug 28, 2015i
Kunleng News Aug 28, 2015


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China’s Sixth Planning Meeting On Tibet Since 1980i
Kunleng discusses the Xi Jinping led sixth Tibet Work Forum held in Beijing August 24-25, and its possible implications for and impact on Central Tibet and the Tibetan regions in the neighboring Chinese provinces.

Video China’s Sixth Planning Meeting On Tibet Since 1980

Kunleng discusses the Xi Jinping led sixth Tibet Work Forum held in Beijing August 24-25, and its possible implications for and impact on Central Tibet and the Tibetan regions in the neighboring Chinese provinces.

Video The Tibetan Empire According To The Dunhuang Manuscripts

Kunleng interviews Emeritus Professor Khangkar Tsultrim Kelsang of Buddhist Studies University of Otani, Japan, on the ancient history of Tibet based on findings in the Dunhuang manuscripts which were discovered in the early 20th century, and which contained several thousands of folios of Tibetan manuscripts.

Video A Musical Bridge: The Trinkor Music Album’s Impact on 1980s Tibet

Kunleng speaks with exile singer songwriter Tawo Lobsang Palden, whose fusion Tibetan songs with lyrics that spoke to every Tibetan’s heart, crossed the Himalayas when Tibet was still reeling from the Chinese invasion and the ‘cultural revolution’ to become huge lingering hits.

Video Views on the Exile Tibetan General Elections


Video Police Violence At Cultural Festival In Kham Nangchen

Kunleng discusses the recent unprovoked beatings and hospitalization of people in Kham Nangchen by armed Chinese police for what appears to be reluctance on the part of the local community to comply with orders to wear fur clothing and display gaiety as a show of disrespect to the Dalai Lama.


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Cyber Tibet Aug 21, 2015i
Cyber Tibet introduces a new app called Tibetan Essential, looks at netizen comments on Tsering Lhadon Dhongthog’s White House post, Chinese artist Meng Huang’s offering of an artwork to the Dalai Lama entitled ‘Sorry’, a Facebook campaign promoting voter registration for the exile Tibetan elections, speaks with one of the founders of, an informational website on the ongoing prime ministerial election campaign for exile Tibetans, and plays Yudrug Tsendep’s hit music video.

Video Cyber Tibet Aug 21, 2015

Cyber Tibet introduces a new app called Tibetan Essential, looks at netizen comments on Tsering Lhadon Dhongthog’s White House post

Video Cyber Tibet Aug 7, 2015

Cyber Tibet Aug 7, 2015

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