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Tibet / Tibetan Regions

Smuggled Video Shows The Dalai Lama’s 80th Birth Year Celebrations In Tibet

Amdo Ngaba held public celebrations to mark the Dalai Lama’s 80th birth

The practice of celebrating people when they reach the age of 80 is called Kyarton, and is a commonly practiced tradition in the Amdo region of historical Tibet. More

Audio Security Build up for Losar in Amdo Ngaba

Video shot on Wednesday, February 11, eight days before Losar, the Tibetan Royal New Year, show troops from what appears to be both the PLA and Security Police arriving in Ngaba Township.

Audio Tibetans Arrested After Land Grab Protest in China

The protest took place Wednesday around 11am local time in Chengdu outside the Jin Jiang hotel, where local officials were attending a provincial Communist Party meeting.

Audio China Announces Decision to Increase Urban Tibetan Population by 30 Percent

London based Free Tibet believes the huge influx of Chinese migrant workers are offered incentives by their government to move to Tibet.

Video Environmental Destruction in Tibet and Rest of Asia

The rampant mining, dam building, and pollution induced glacier melt in Tibet impacts over a billion people in South and South East Asia.

Video Author Explains Tibet’s River Crisis

Michael Buckley describes China's reckless destruction of ecosystems from the highlands of Tibet to the deltas of Asia.

Audio China Begins Railway Construction Towards Disputed Indian Border

China claims Arunachal Pradesh is part of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), and experts say that this project is doomed to raise Indian security concerns.

Audio Prominent Tibetan Writer Takes On Facebook

Poet, rights activist says social-media company's politically motivated censorship led to removal of her post about a Tibetan protest

Audio China Detains Tibetan Blogger in Ngaba

Meu Soepa, 21, a student of literature at the Northwest University for Nationalities in Lanzhou, was arrested by a group of officers from the Ngaba County Stability Maintenance Office and Public Security Bureau.

Audio Chinese Security Forces Open Fire on Monks for Protecting Self-immolator in Tawo

A group of monks from Nyitso monastery in Tawo attempted to protect the body of Kalsang Yeshi, who set himself on fire to protest China's repressive policies on December 23, 2014.

Audio Third Tibetan Self-immolation in One Week

Venerable Kalsang Yeshi, originally from the Thewa settlement was a much respected and civic minded person who comforted the elderly with Buddhist teachings and also tutored children and the elderly in writing and reading in Tibetan.

Audio Tibetan Teenage Girl Carries out Self-immolation Protest

Ninteen year old Tsepey set herself on fire around 4pm on December 22, in a rural area called Meruma, close to a township that has seen the greatest number of such protests over the last 5 years.

Audio Tibetan Man Self-immolates in Amchok

Tibetan man has died after self-immolating in Sangchu County of Kanlho Prefecture, Gansu Province on December 16, 2014.

Video The Cultural Heritage Of Tibet And Tibetans

A Special Program to mark the 25th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize award to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Audio Scientists Discover 2.5 Million Year Old Canyon Underneath Yarlung River in Tibet

The study, which was published in American Association for the Advancement of Science a week ago, shows that as collision of Indian Plate and the Eurasian Plate lifted the Tibetan Plateau, sediments from the tectonic activities filled up the ancient canyon.

Audio China Intensifies Legal Education Campaign in Rural Tibetan Area

Kham TV shows the authorities travel in rural villages in Ganze Prefecture with a Tibetan pony carrying China’s national emblem on its back and displaying written regulations on pray-flag-like-papers.

Audio Earthquake in Karze Tibetan Prefecture Kills 5 Leaving Thousands Homeless

The natural calamity that occurred Saturday afternoon around 4pm Beijing time has left over 6200 people homeless, and 2630 families “seriously affected.”

Audio China Releases Tibetan Political Prisoner in Kardze

Lobsang Palden, 33, a monk of Bheri monastery, was arrested in June of 2008 and sentenced to a nine year prison term for holding a peaceful protest.

Audio 26 Nuns in Driru Expelled After Refusing to Denounce Dalai Lama

Jhada Nunnery, originally built in 1477, was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and rebuilt in 1984 by the local nuns.

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