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Celebrations Held in Lhasa to Mark 100th Birth Anniversary of Tibetan Artist Amdo Jampa

Amdo Jampa

Born in Chentsa, Qinghai Province in the year 1914, he was best-known for taking photo-realistic style, and executing the famous portraits of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama. More

Audio Tibetans Allege Another Protester Close to Death from Chinese Police Beating

Photos circulated through Wechat showed the Tibetans conducting an unusual form of protest by raising their thumbs up in the air, which in Tibetan culture is a gesture of begging, and thus, there has not been any reports of violent protests conducted by the Tibetan villagers.

Audio Chinese Court Sentences Tibetan Monk to Five Year Prison Term

Jigme Gyatso was arrested four times prior to this sentencing for showing resistance against China's repressive policies towards Tibetans.

Audio Many Sides to Risks And Presence of HIV/AIDS in Tibet

There are about 780,000 HIV patients in China, with a large number of them found in the western regions bordered to Tibet.

Audio Two Tibetans Arrested for Taking Pictures in Restive Denma

The contents of the pictures, the duration of the individual's arrest, or their whereabouts are currently unknown.

Audio China Arrests Tibetan Nun from Amdo Golog

Kunsang Lhamo, 30, received a call from the local authorities a day before her arrest, while she was attending a patient at Golog hospital asking her to report to the Gade county station.

Audio China Detains Tibetan Writer from Yushul

Dawa Tsomo, a Tibetan writer originally from Chiza Sachen Village, Zatoe County of Yushul Prefecture was arrested by the Chinese officials on August 13, 2014.

Audio Former Political Prisoner Smuggles List of Others Incarcerated in Deyang Prison

Trinley, originally from Karze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, was imprisoned for calling for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet, unity among Tibetans of three provinces, and freedom for Tibetans on June 20, 2008.

Audio China Hands 9-year Prison Term to Driru Monastery Teacher

Geshe Nyandak, around 40 years of age, was arrested in December 2012 in Tibet's capital city of Lhasa, followed by his disappearance for over a year and seven months.

Audio Pregnant Teenage Wife Kills Self Following Husband's Death in Police Custody

Jampa's wife, whose name is currently unknown, was said to be around seven months pregnant at the time of her suicide.

Audio Tibetan Netizens Show Frustration Over China's Continuous Consumption of Endangered Species

This is an image of a Kyang, Tibet’s endangered species that the Chinese government has listed as a class 1 protected animal, which has now become a victim of China’s salacious elite society.

Audio Chinese Armed Forces Tighten Security During Shoton Festival in Lhasa

The festival mainly consists of three parts which includes the Great Buddha Thangka Display, Tibetan Opera Show, followed by the Horsemanship (Yak) race show.

Tibetan Deaths in Chinese Police Custody Draw International Scrutiny

International rights groups who contacted local eyewitnesses said police opened fire on demonstrators in Sichuan Province, and five died after being denied medical treatment

Audio Scholar Says Economic Development Structure in Tibet Destabilizes the Region

Dr. Fischer believes that China’s highly subsidized economy structure in Tibetan Autonomous Region and other Tibetan areas disempowers the Tibetans, while making the Chinese economic power holders in the region.

Audio Chinese Official Asks for Monastic Education System Reform

The opinion column contained the significance of letting Tibetans practice their century old tradition to achieve social and political stability along with ethnic harmony.

Audio China Used Machine Guns to Kill Tibetans During March 2008 Protest

Tsering Gyal, a researcher at TCHRD says that the documents clearly reveal the fact that there were no less than 101 Tibetans shot during the Lhasa protests.

Audio China Releases Tibetan Political Prisoner

Tsekyab was arrested by the authorities on August 12, 2012, for allegedly distributing political literature as a member of “Anti-Communist Tibetan Youth Party.”

Audio Big Bone Disease, an Endemic in Many Tibetan Areas

The disease is most prevalence in rural areas under Lhasa City jurisdiction where a clinical prevalence survey suggests 11.4 percent people have symptoms of KBD (Drumbu Tsigchen in Tibetan)

Audio Three More Tibetans Die in Custody in Denma Township

The individuals that succumbed to injuries sustained during the police firing were Tsewang Gonpo, around 60, Yeshi, 42, and Jinpa Tharchin, aged 18.

Video China Releases Tibetan Political Prisoner

Chinese authorities released Tsekyab of Serta Yarlung County, Karze Prefecture on August 12, after completing a two-year prison term. “We welcome the hero of Tibetan freedom struggle, Tsekyab,” was written on a slogan when family members and local Tibetans welcomed him. Tsekyab was arrested by the Chinese authorities two years back on August 12 for allegedly distributing political literature as a member of “Anti-Communist Tibetan Youth Party.”

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