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November 10, 2015

China's One Child Policy Implementation in Tibet Over 35 Years

Phayul Lengthig discusses China’s one child policy's abolishment and its brutal implementation in Tibet during the past 35 years. Guests: Kunga Tashi, China Analyst based in Dharamsala, India, and Tsering Tsomo, Director of the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy. Phayul Lengthig News: China Says graft fight in Tibet also aimed at religion

October 06, 2015

China Detains Three Young Tibetan Protesters in Ngaba

Phayul Lengtek discusses the detention of three Tibetans in Ngaba county for raising Tibetan slogans with Kanyak Tsering of Kirti Monasatery in Dharamsala.The detention of Jamyang and others occurred last month in Ngaba(Ch.: Aba) County. No further details are available about the whereabouts of the three detainees. Sources: Kirti monastery release and interview with Kanyak Tsering, Media Coordinator of Kirti Monastery, Dharamsala. Phayul Lengthig News: His Holiness Returns to Dharamsala after a medical check-up in the United States. Lama Kyap's release after 8-year imprisonment in Gansu.

September 15, 2015

Situation in Ngaba Tibet

Phayul Lengthig invites Venerable Lobsang Yeshi, Tibet News Co-ordinator at the Kirti Monastery in Dharamsala, to discuss the current situation in Ngaba county after two separate incidents of peaceful protest against the Chinese government in the region few days ago on September 10, 2015.

September 01, 2015

Mother of Five Carries Out Self-Immolation Protest in Tibetan Area

Phayul Lengthig discusses the recent self-immolation protest by a Tibetan mother of five from Labrang, and CTA's decision to postpone Kalachakra 2016 for another year.

August 11, 2015

Imposition of Wearing Customs with Wildlife Pelts

Phayul Lengthig discusses the imposition of wearing customs with wildlife pelts during the August 1st festival by local Chinese government in Driru, TAR. Guest: Samdup, a Driru native who resides in Belgium. Phayul Lengthig News: Lhasa Municipal Party secretary admits punishing Tibetan party members due to political and religious actions Inroads near Lhasa set fears of new mining projects in Gyama valley

August 04, 2015

Rungye Adak's Current Condition

Phayul Lengthig discusses current situation of Rungye Adak, a Tibetan political prisoner who released on July 31 after completion of his 8-year prison sentence. Guest: :Lithang Jamyang Sodpa, Tibet Analyst and Member of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile. Phayul Lengthig News: Shaman Festival in Rebgong Attracts More Tourists Tibet to build $6.4b Natural Drinking Water Industry

June 09, 2015

Tseten Dorjee Lintsa

Phayul Lengthig discusses works and beliefs of Tseten Dorjee Lintsa, a lone Tibetan activist who tried to cross border to China and disappeared two years ago. Guest: Mogru Tenpa, author of Lintsa’s marches to Tibet. Phayul Lengthig News: The Dalai Lama Meets Chinese Intellectuals in the Blue Mountain China Bans Horse Racing in Amdo for the Dalai Lama’s 80th Birthday Celebration

May 26, 2015

Continued Relief Operations in Nepal

Phayul Lengthig: Phayul Lengthig invites Tashi Dawa, Vice President of Tibetan Youth Congress in Nepal (RTYC KTM) to discuss their continued relief operations in Nepal, collaborating with International Medical Relief and Kathmandu's Boudha Settlement Office. Phayul Lengthig News: Nepal Tibetans pray for Quake Victims

May 19, 2015

Tibetan Singer From Driru Sentenced to Three and Half Years in Prison

Phayul Lengthig discusses sentencing of Gunpo Tenzin, a popular Tibetan singer from Driru county in Nagchu prefecture, for three and half years of imprisonment for patriotic songs. Guest: Tashi Gyaltsen, a native Driru who resides in India. Phayul Lengthig News: 1 Tibetans Observe International Solidarity Day with Calls for Panchen Lama’s Release 2 The Dalai Lama Meets Vietnamese CEOs

May 05, 2015

US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s Annual Report

Phayul Lengthig discusses the US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s annual report released on April 30, which states that China imposes “harsh policies of repression on Buddhists” across the Tibetan plateau. Guest: Buchung Tsering, Vice President of the International Campaign for Tibet. Phayul Lengthig News: 1. Death toll in Tibet reaches 26, over 800 injured with Nepal earthquake 2. Relief Committee for Tibetans affected in Nepal Earthquake formed

April 28, 2015

Nepal Earthquake

Phayul Lengthig discusses the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday with the loss of many lives and widespread damage to property, and how it effected Tibetans living in and near the Nepali borders. Guest: Sonam Sharpa, a native Nepali who resides in New York City. Phayul Lengthig News: 1.The Dalai Lama Expresses Sadness about Nepal Earthquake 2.CTA Expresses Shock; Donates NPR 20 Lakhs Towards Relief Efforts in Nepal

April 21, 2015

Land Grab Protest in China

Phayul Lengthig discusses land grabbing by local Chinese government in Tibetan areas of Sichuan and Gansu province, and appeals that followed the incident from people of Gangya and Dzoge. Phayul Lengthig News: 1. Conversations for the Book of Joy 2. 26th Birthday Celebration of Panchen Rinpoche Underway

April 06, 2015

Detention of Monks of Dra-Sog-Dri Area

Phayul Lengthig discusses the detention of Tibetan monks and lay persons from Dra-Sog-Dri area in Kham since beginning of the year and 7 years imprisonment and release of Trinlay Gyatso, a Bon monk, in Ngapa with Bongyal, close friend of Trinlay Gyatso, Guest: Ngawang Tharpa, President of the Dra-Sog-Dri Area Tibetan Association and a Reporter Phayul Lengthig News: Tibet Party boss says temples must be propaganda centers

March 31, 2015

'The Tibet’s Immolating Phoenixes'

Phayul Lengthig discusses the publication of 'The Tibet’s Immolating Phoenixes,' by Woeser, a Tibetan writer based in Beijing. Guest: Dawa Tsering, key note speaker at the book releasing ceremony in Taibei, Taiwan. Phayul Lengthig News: 1. China willing to initiate talks on Free Trade Agreement with Nepal: Xi Jinping 2. Huangnan Prefecture Government wants local Chinese officials to learn Tibetan

March 24, 2015

Detention of Monks from Sok Tsanten and Shak Rongpo Monastery

Phayul Lengthig discusses detention of at least nine monks from Sok Tsanten Monastery and Shak Rongpo Monastery in Kham. Guest: Ngawang Tharpa, president of Dri-Sog-Dra Association based in Dharamsala Phayul Lengthig News: Kashag reiterates the memorandum on Genuine Autonomy for the Tibetan People

March 17, 2015

Europe Stands with Tibet Rally

Phayul Lengthig discusses the Europe Stands with Tibet rally in Paris on March 14, 2015. Guest: Thupten Gyatso, Coordinator of the rally and President of Tibetan Association in France.

March 10, 2015

A Mother's Self Immolation and a Monk's Solo Protest

Phayul Lengthig discusses a mother’s self-immolation in Ngaba during the Great Prayer Festival and a monk’s protest in Ngaba on Sunday. Guest: Venerable Tsering, Tibet News Coordinator at the Kirti Monastery in Dharamsala, Northern India. Phayul Lengthig News: 1.Tibetan official defends reincarnation system, slams Dalai Lama 2.China should resume progressive dialogue for Tibet autonomy: vice-president of German Bundestag

February 23, 2015

Losar Greetings from Spiritual Leaders

Phayul Lengthig presents Losar greetings from spiritual leaders of Bon, Sakya, Nyingma,and Kagyu. The program also features a special message from Sikyong Lobsang Sangay to Tibetans. Phayul Lengthig News: Dalai Lama Tops Watkins’ Spiritual 100 list Tibetans in Tibet celebrate Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday during Losar

February 17, 2015

9th Tibetan College Students' Conference at Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education in Bangalore

Phayul Lengthig discusses the conclusion of the 9th Tibetan College Students’ conference at the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education in Bangalore, India. Guest: Choepa Kyap, Organizer of the Conference. Phayul Lengthig News: 1. Tibetan musicians inaugurate memorial statue for self-immolators in Tibet 2. Tibetan delegation attends the inaugural ceremony if South African Parliament

February 10, 2015

Annual Report 2014: Human Rights Situation in Tibet

Phayul Lengthig discusses the first time releasing of the 'Annual Report 2014: Human Rights Situation in Tibet' by the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Chinese language. Guest: Tsering Gyal, researcher at the TCHRD based in Dharamsala. Phayul Lengthig News: A Tibetan Monk Detained in Karze after Launching Solo Protest

February 02, 2015

ICT Facebook Petition

Phayul Lengthig discusses International Campaign for Tibet's Facebook petition to let Tibetan voices be heard. Guest: Bhuchung Tsering, Vice President of ICT. Phayul Lengthig News: 1. The Dalai Lama concludes Sankisa visit, heads to Europe and USA 2. Tibetan monk taken away in Chengdu

January 27, 2015

Golog Jigme in Zurich

Phayul Lengthig discusses the Tibetan filmmaker and social activist Golog Jigme’s arrival in Switzerland on January 24, 2015, from India. Guest: Golog Jigme. Phayul Lengthig News: 1. Butter Lamp, a movie about Tibet, gets an Oscar nomination for short film 2. Yangmo Kyil’s school is ordered to shut down by local government

January 20, 2015

Tibet Cultural Festival in Brisbane, Australia

Phayul Lengthig discusses a week-long festival in Brisbane, Australia, for promoting the cultural heritage of Tibet among the Australians through photo exhibition, film screening, seminars, and concert features popular international performers. Guest: Tenzin Choegyal, organizer and a well-known Tibetan singer based in Australia. News: 1. Dalai Lama visits the Baha’i Lotus Temple in New Delhi 2. 120 Tibetans refugees arrived in Dharamsala in 2014

January 13, 2015

Dhingri Tibetan Youth Arrested in Lhasa

Phayul Lengthig discusses human rights situation in Tibet through 2014. Guest: Tsering Tsomo, director of the Center for Tibetan Human Rights and Democracy, based in Dharamsala, India. News: 1. Dhingri Tibetan Youth Arrested in Lhasa 2.Tibetan Silkyong Addresses 10,000 Indian Students Leaders

January 06, 2015

2014 Human Rights Situation inside Tibet

Phayul Lengthig discusses human rights situation in Tibet through 2014. Guest: Tsering Tsomo, director of the Center for Tibetan Human Rights and Democracy, based in Dharamsala, India.


Phayul Lengthig A Weekly radio program that turns the focus on what’s happening in Tibet today.

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  • UTC Time: 1400
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