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Exhibition on Buddhist Perspective of Inner Harmony Held in New Delhi

Exhibition on Buddhist Perspective of Inner Harmony

The photos taken by renowned American artist Jon Kolkin were exhibited under the theme 'Inner Harmony' More

Audio Coexisting and Flourishing: A Round Table Discussion By TCCR

Sonam Dechen, Associate Director says that the discussion aims to bring local Indian and Tibetan leaders together in facilitating a platform to reflect and identify lessons that can strengthen the friendship shared for decades between Indians and Tibetans, in order to build a supportive community.

Audio Tibetan NGOs Organize Tibet Climate Rally in Delhi

The rally organized by the International Tibet Network, Tibetan Women's Association, and Students For a Free Tibet - India were held on November 29.

Audio Indian Language Festival Invites Tibetan Writers And Poets

In the presence of around 100 Indian writers, poets, folk artistes, and musicians, Bhuchung D Sonam, Tenzin Tsundue, and Tsering Wangmo Dhompa recited poems on their nostalgia, ambivalence, and struggle for a free Tibet.

Video Tibetan Monk Runs Charity For Poor and Discarded Destitute of Human Society

Tong-Len Charitable trust has helped more than 250 students with education, sheltered around 100 in the hostel, and assisted over 3000 people from three districts in Himachal with health care.

Video PEN International Unveils Book on Living Conditions of Tibetan Writers in Chinese Prison

Tibetan Writers Abroad PEN was established in Dharamsala in the year 1999, and currently has 68 members, mostly based in India but also spreads across Europe and the United States.

Audio India Tibet Support Group Protest China for Free Tibet

"Our organization's aim is to work for free Tibet and India's security. Since the occupation of Tibet by China, we are compelled to spend billions to defend our borders. This was not the situation when Tibet was an independent nation," says President Goel.

Audio Dalai Lama Addresses Tibetan Participants of Quantum Physics and Madhyamika Conference

The Dalai Lama urged the Tibetan monk scholars to pay equal importance into studying science subjects in the monasteries.

Audio Dalai Lama Participates Quantum Physics and Madhyamika Conference in Delhi

Scientists and philosophers from Europe, USA, India and Tibetan monk scholars were invited to the conference, including Professor Arthur G. Zajonc and Professor Bob Thurman from USA, Professor Michel Bitbol from France, Professor N. Mukunda from Bangalore India, among others.

Video Dalai Lama Launches Abdul Kalam Seva Ratna Award

The award to honor individuals and organizations making exceptional contributions towards creating a stronger India, as envisioned by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was held at the Music Academy in Chennai on November 9, 2015.

Audio Karmapa Gives Two-Day Teaching in New Delhi

The teaching was jointly organized by the Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Kun Kyong Charitable Trust of Gyalwa Karmapa.

Audio Lobsang Sangay Addresses 4th ITN Asia Regional Meeting

Similar meetings are organized by the International Tibet Network every 18 months in Asia, Europe, and North America in order to build capacity and collaboration among the Tibet groups.

Audio Melissa Mathison, E.T. Screenwriter, Dies at Age 65

Los Angeles native was known for her family-friendly films, such as 'E.T. the Extra Terrestrial' and 'The Black Stallion,' stories that enchanted generation of kids and their parents

Audio American Enterprise Institute Organizes Second Symposium in Dharamsala

The two-day symposium will focus its discussion on the development and diginity of meaningful living in the face of poverty, escaping poverty through entrepreneurship, the power of free enterprise, and the question of morality versus market.

Audio Former Pro-Vice Chancellor of Delhi University Inaugurates Tibetan Students' Conference on Dalai Lama

Professor Suneja stressed on the importance of preservation of Tibetan culture, and said that in order to save the Tibetan culture and tradition, the Dalai Lama has proposed the middle way approach.

Audio Tibetan Scholars Explain Classical and Modern Psychology

The discussion was chaired by Dr. Sisir Roy, Quantum Physicist, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

Audio Human Rights Advocates Protest Xi Jinping's UK Visit

Tibet activists and other opponents of the Chinese government held demonstrations, where Chinese government supporters, mostly students, were seen chanting simultaneously to drown out the protests.

Audio 'There Will be Two or Three Final Candidates for Sikyong 2016,' says Election Commission

That, however, comes with an exception, which is if the margin between the second and the third candidate is less than 20 percent, EC will announce three candidates for the final election.

Audio Dharamsala Tibetans Participate in Preliminary Election

Tibetan Settlement Officer and Regional Election Commissioner, along with his team set up 10 election booths including one at Tsuklagkhang, the main temple and Gangchen Kyishong, the building area of exile Tibetan administration.

Audio Around 2000 Tibetans Cast Votes for Sikyong and Chithue in Delhi

Samyeling Tibetan Colony, Majnu-Ka-Tilla in Delhi is the largest among the 6 polling stations in Delhi, where 1000 voters have cast their votes.

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