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Tibet / Exile Tibet

DIIR Kalon Addresses Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy

DIIR Kalon Dicki Chhoyang speaking at the opening session of the 7th Geneva Summit.

Foreign Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala addressed the United Nations Summit in Geneva, Switzerland on February 23, 2015. More

Video Historic Tibetan New Year Celebration at the US State Department

The first time ever celebration of Losar, the Tibetan New Year at the U.S. State Department, was attended by almost a hundred dignitaries, officials, and staff from various government and private organizations based in Washington, DC.

Audio Amnye Machen in Dharamsala Honors Tibetologist Sperling

Eliot Sperling is an Associate Professor of Central Eurasian Studies at the Indiana University, who also is an expert on the history of Tibet and Tibetan-Chinese relations.

Video Losar Greetings

Kunleng looks at Tibetan New Year greetings from exile Tibetan religious and secular leaders, and invites viewers to share their video and call in greetings.

Audio Tibetans in Australia Focus on Tradition During New Year Celebrations

Local Tibetan leaders say there are at least 1,200 Tibetans living in Australia

Audio  LTWA Initiates Six-year Tibetan Language and Buddhism Program

"Through this program we aim to offer students the chance to study in depth Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy in a Tibetan environment," says Geshe Lhakdor la, the Director of LTWA.

Audio Kalon Dicki Chhoyang Concludes U.S. Visit

Chhoyang visited the Tibetan communities of Portland, Seattle, and San Franciso where she briefed the Tibetans on some of the major policies and stances of the Central Tibetan Administration.

Audio Quality of Monastic Population and Quantity of Lay Population

The Dalai Lama talks on the quality of the monastic population during his recent talk to the local Tibetan community in Basel, Switzerland.

Video Interview with Sikyong Lobsang Sangay

The elected leader of the exile Tibetan Administration talks about his current visit to Washington DC, developments in Tibet, and prospects for dialog and resolutions on Tibet with Beijing.

Audio China Opposed to Foreign Nations Welcoming Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama attended the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, where he sat close to but did not meet with President Obama

Audio Obama Calls Dalai Lama 'Good Friend', Inspiration

In comments at National Prayer Breakfast, president says Tibet's exiled spiritual leader is a 'powerful example of what it means to practice compassion'

Obama, Dalai Lama to Attend National Prayer Breakfast

White House officials play down suggestions the two will publicly interact at the event, an act sure to rile China

Video Revised Medicare System of the Central Tibetan Administration

The enrollment of Tibetan exiles in CTA’s Medicare system and the role of USAID financial support in making it work in India and Nepal.

Audio Dalai Lama Arrives in Washington D.C.

The two day visit would include a first time public appearance with U.S. President Barack Obama on February 5th at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.

Audio China Warns US Not to Meet Dalai Lama

White House announces that Obama would deliver remarks at a prayer breakfast that the Dalai Lama will also be attending.

Video Interview with the President of International Campaign for Tibet

Matteo Mecacci discusses his first year heading up the organization and his plans for the work of ICT.

Audio Dalai Lama Urges Non-violence and Secularism to Indian Students

The school run by Hindu Education Society founded by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.

Audio Dharamsala Observes Indian Republic Day

This day marks the date on which the constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950.

Audio DIIR Mobile Photo Exhibition on Tibet Concludes in Delhi

"The main aim of this mobile photo exhibition is to highlight and inform the Indian university students of the current Tibetan situation," says Tsering Wangdue, Department of Information and International Relations.

Video Study and Pursuit of Science in Tibetan Society

Tibetan Scientific Society is a newly formed organization in India that provides guidance for Tibetan students pursuing the sciences.

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