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Disappeared Since Age Six, Panchen Lama Turns 26

Panchen Lama photo source DIIR, CTA

Ever since his abduction, no one from the outside world, including the United Nations and Amnesty International has had access to learn about the whereabouts of the boy, who turns 26 this Friday. More

Audio Tibetan Chamber for Commerce Begins Tenth Annual Meeting

Lobsang Sangay shared stories of some of the wealthiest business tycoons such as Ford and Gates, whose commitment towards philanthropy were exemplary, and requested the present members of TCC to implement these model in the Tibetan society.

Audio CTA Appeals for International Support to Release Panchen Lama

Gedhun Choekyi Nyima at the young age of six was recognized as the reincarnation of the 10th Panchen Lama by the Dalai Lama, and within days of this announcement, he was abducted.

Audio Dalai Lama’s Biographer Speaks to Delhi Unversity Tibetan Students

Speaking on the life and works of Tibet's spiritual leader, Professor Narkyid said that he was surprised to see the inherent compassionate nature and inclination to truth and justice of the Dalai Lama even at a young age.

Audio China Calls on Dalai Lama to 'Put Aside Illusions' About Talks

Beijing claims it is disappointed that the Dalai Lama remains committed to 'Middle Way' - which he says merely seeks genuine autonomy for Himalayan Tibet region.

China Accuses Dalai Lama of Inciting Tibet Self-Immolations

Similar accusations have been denied in the past, and exiled Tibetan spiritual leader has called the deaths sad and ineffective in changing Chinese policy.

China: Greater Autonomy for Tibet 'Not Up For Discussion'

Beijing criticized the Dalai Lama's proposed 'Middle Way Approach' as a deceptive attempt to 'create a state within a state'

In Australia, New Tibetan Migrants Learn to Swim

Swimming is an important safety skill for those living near the ocean and a way to adapt to Australian culture

Audio SFT India Campaigns Tulku Tenzin Delek’s Medical Parole

"The campaign will highlight the Chinese law on medical parole through signature campaign, submitting appeals to foreign missions including the European Union," says the Grassroots Campaign Coordinator of SFT-India.

China 'Appreciates' Sri Lanka's Stance on Dalai Lama Invitation

Sri Lankan Buddhist monks have invited the Dalai Lama to visit the island, but an official said Colombo was unlikely to allow it.

Audio Tibet Supporters Call for Release of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche on Medical Parole

A highly respected lama in Lithang county, Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture was arrested in April 2002.

Audio Shoton Festival and the Different Traditions of Tibetan Opera

The Shoton (Yogurt) festival celebrates the Tibetan heritage of Opera, Ache Lhamo.

Audio Thoughts and Contributions of Gandhi and Dalai Lama Seminar in New Delhi

The two day seminar was inaugurated by Mr. Ashok Sajjanhar, former Ambassador of India, and presently the Secretary of the National Foundation for Communal Harmony, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Audio Dalai Lama Graces 20th Shoton Festival

The Shoton festival celebrates the Tibetan heritage of Opera (Ache Lhamo) which is considered the most popular form of theater in Tibet.

Audio University of Redlands Award Karmapa Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree

"His leadership has shaped lives, not only for those of our students and faculty he taught, but for millions worldwide," said University's President, Ralph W. Kuncl.

Audio Mongolian University Confers Honorary Doctorate Degree to Dalai Lama

"I have received many degrees from so many academic institutions, but it holds a special meaning to receive one from Mongolia," said the Dalai Lama during the acceptance address.

Audio Europe Stands With Tibet Rally

Sources approximate that over 7,000 people participated in the day long event where marchers called for freedom in Tibet and demanded that China resume dialogue to resolve the Tibetan issue.

Audio Tibetan Parliament in Exile Begins Budget Session

Speaker of the Tibetan Administration in Exile talked about the parliament's deliberation on the situation inside Tibet to mitigate the sufferings of Tibetans inside Tibet.

Audio Bharat Tibbat Sahayog Manch Observes Tibetan Women's National Uprising Day

The Bharat Tibbat Sahayog Manch (BTSM) Women's Wing took part in a function to observe the 56th anniversary of Tibetan Women's National Uprising Day in Delhi.

Audio Tibetans Across the World Marked 56th Anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising

On this day in 1959, hundreds of Tibetans risked their lives and poured into the streets of Lhasa city and protested against the presence of the Peoples’ Republic of China in Tibet.

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