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Former Speaker of Tibetan Parliament Releases Book on Tibet

Speaker Releases Book

The book containing 519 pages is a compilation of articles on various issues including the Sino Tibetan Dialogue, Dalai Lama's Reincarnation, Middle Way Approach, Education Policies, and the Exile Tibetan Community among many others. More

Audio SFT Organizes Panel Discussion on Simla Convention

The Speakers were Dr. Dibyesh Anand, Tibetologist and Professor at Westminster College in London, Lobsang Yeshi, an Exile Parliamentarian, and Tenzin Tsundue, a Tibetan Poet and Activist.

Audio Rumors of the Dalai lama’s Ill Health Unfounded

After his tour of Italy and Ladakh for the last six weeks, he finally returns to his exile seat in northern India on July 21, 2014.

Audio Sarah Initiates Program for Tibetan Students Living Abroad

The one month program aims to give intensive training in Tibetan language, Meditation, Culture, Civilization, Buddhist Philosophy, and Practice.

Audio TMAI Inaugurates Chinese Section Under Cultural Department

Choelo Thar, director of the new section, gave a brief introduction in Chinese and Tibetan at the gathering, and shared their future plans.

Audio Tibetan Campaigners Urges BRIS Leaders to Press China About Tibet

At a press conference in Dharamsala moderated by the International Tibet Network, Guchusum Freedom Movement for Tibet, Student for a Free Tibet, and Tibetan Women's Association jointly issued a statement.

Audio Deputy Speaker of Tibetan Parliament Releases Two Books

Scores of Tibetans writers and lawmakers gathered in the conference hall of Library of Tibetan Works and Archives for the book launch gathering.

Audio Tashi Dhondup Sworn in as New MP from Domey

He replaces Kirti Dolkar Lhamo, who submitted her resignation last November citing personal reasons.

Audio CTA Sets Medical Camps and Exhibitions at Kalachakra Site

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy screened films on Central Tibetan Administration and the human rights situation inside Tibet.

Audio Tibet Activist Completes 6 Nations 17 Cities Speaking Tour

Italy’s Association for Human Rights and Tolerance awarded Tenzin Tsundue with this year’s Human Rights Award.

Audio RSS Leader Indresh Kumar Pledges More Support Towards Tibetans

He pledged to support the Tibetans in urging the new government of India on various policies regarding Tibetan welfare, education, health, and employment issues.

Audio Dharamsala Observes International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

A new documentary on Tortures inside Tibet, called ‘Through Flesh and Bones: Stories of Torture and Survival in Tibet’ was screened during the talk.

Audio Domey Chitue Announces Final Result

Tashi Dhondup received the highest number of votes with 586 (57.17%), followed by Tsangyang Gyatso with 317 votes (30.93%) and Karma Gelek with 113 votes (11.02%).

Audio Tibetans in New York and New Jersey Observe Karmapa’s 30th Birthday

The former New York representative, Mr. Lobsang Nyandak, and the Tibet Fund Director, Rinchen Tharlo addressed the gathering.

Audio TCV Includes Human Rights as Part of Curriculum for Middle School

Fiorella Cerchiara, the President of the Association said that Youthforhumanrights is their main project to help youngsters become more aware of the basic human rights.

Audio Tibetans Protest Wang Yi's Visit in India

"Earlier we got permission to go to China Embassy, but they didn't allow us to proceed, so we are protesting on the road," said Tenzin Jigme, President of TYC.

Audio Tibetan Government in Exile Launches Awareness Campaign

India-based Central Tibetan Administration says campaign is most concerted effort to date to bring about basic freedom for Tibetan people

Audio SFT India Celebrates Release of Filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen

"Though it is a joyous moment to know he's out of prison, Tibet remains a huge prison under Chinese Communist Party, so we remain concerned about his health and safety," said Dorjee Tseten, SFT Asia Director.

Audio Tibetans in Delhi Greet Newly Elected Indian Leaders

"We received very nice responses from all that we have met. The process of meeting and greeting will continue to form the All Party Parliamentary Group as soon as possible. " says Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok, a member of the Tibetan Parliament.

Audio CTA Launches Umaylam Middle Way Approach Campaign

The Dalai Lama was presented with materials related to the Middle Way Approach, an official policy of the Tibetan Administration in Exile to resolve the issue of Tibet.

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