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VOA Interviews North America Chithue Candidates

Second North American Exile Tibetan Parliamentary Candidate Debate Held In Virginia

The six candidates are Tashi Namgyal, Pema Chagzoetsang, Tsewang Rinzin, Kalsang Phuntsok Godrukpa, Kalsang GGT, and Tenzin Rangdol. More

Audio Election Commission Announces Final Candidates for 2016 Election

Shosur Sonam Choephel read out incumbent Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and Penpa Tsering, Speaker for the Exile Parliament as the two candidate for 2016.

Audio India Offers Training, Funding to Spur Growth in Tibetan Entrepreneurs

TED program aims to be an agent of change by assisting in development of self-sustaining businesses to alleviate economic difficulties.

Audio Dalai Lama Leaves India for Medical Check-up in US

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama left India today for the United States where he is scheduled to undergo prostate treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota followed by a period of rest from the end of January 2016 for approximately one month.

Audio Wrap-up of Special Coordinator Sarah Sewall’s Visit to Dharamsala

US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues Sarah Sewall concluded her two-day visit to  Dharmsala, the seat of the Tibetan exile central administration.

Europe Chithues Launch Future-of-Tibet Initiative

The two exile Tibetan Parliament members from Europe have launched a website called ‘’ to petition and disseminate information regarding Tibetan community in the West. The website claims that the aim of the initiative is to, “strengthen the Tibetan communities in Europe and to str

Audio Sikyong Sangay Speaks To Students At Chiba University In Japan

Sikyong Sangay discussed the situation in Tibet at Chiba Institute of Technology on Monday, 11 January as part of his effort to raise awareness on Tibet during his visit to Japan.

Audio Second North American Exile Tibetan Parliamentary Candidate Debate Held In Virginia

The 16th Tibetan Parliament’s North America Chidthue debate took place on Saturday at the Ernst Cultural Center on the Annandale Campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

Audio Tibetan Writers Abroad PEN Centre Holds 5th International PEN Tibet Congress

The 5th International PEN Tibet Congress held its inaugural function this morning in Dharamsala. The chief guests at the function were Tashi Tsering, Director of Amnye Machen Research Center, and Thupten Samphel, Director of the Central Tibetan Administration’s Tibet Policy Institute. Tashi Tseri

Audio Lobsang Sangay Delivers Acharya Kripalani Memorial Lecture

Dr. Subash C Kashyab chaired the memorial lecture, where over 200 academicians, politicians, artists, social activists, and supporters of Tibet were in attendance.

Audio Kranti to Release Dalai Lama Comic Book in Tibetan

The press conference was held at the Tibetan colony of Majnu ka Tilla in Delhi on December 29, 2015.

Audio I Am Not Joking About Female Reincarnation, Says Dalai Lama

Tibet's spiritual leader said that scientist have proven that women are more warm hearted, and that kindness and warm-heartedness are going to be the key factors in leading and molding the future world.

Audio Dalai Lama in Frames: Exhibition Opens in Delhi

"The photographs depict the Dalai Lama's inclusive message of compassion and religious harmony in India," says Thupten Tsewang, the manager of the foundation.

Audio Mind and Life Conference Begins at Sera Monastery

Around 900 people from 16 countries are taking part in the XXXth Mind and Life Conference held in South India.

Audio Paris Climate Accord's Significance On Tibet

This week’s 'Table Talk' discusses the significance of the recent climate accord held in Paris and its impact on the environment of Tibet and the world.

Audio Dalai Lama Gives Teaching on Eight Great Tantric Commentaries of Gyudmey Monastery

The teaching, mostly practiced by the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism was attended by devotees from around the world, including Sakya Trizin, the head of Sakya Sect.

Audio Video Installation Exhibition on Self-Immolation in Tibet

The installation titled, "Burning Against the Dying of the Light" was of short edited video films on the issue of Tibet, particularly on 149 self-immolations that have taken place in Tibet, Nepal, and India.

Audio Dharamsala Tibetans Commemorate 26th Noble Peace Prize Day

Mrs. Sarwin Choudhary, former minister and present MLA of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh was the chief guest along with CTA leaders, staff members, heads of Dharamsala organizations including ITFA advisor Mr. Ram Swaroop.

Audio Tibetans in Hunsur Offer Golden Lamp to Dalai Lama

The function was attended by HC Mahadevappa, the PWD Minister of Karnataka state; HP Manjunath, MLA of Hunsur; Hollywood actor Richard Gere along with Sakya Trizin and Gaden Tripa.

Audio Tibetans Holding Handwritten Travel Document Facing Problem

Tibetans holding Identity Certificate (IC) issued by the Indian Government as a travel document have recently faced inconveniences traveling abroad as the document was non-machine readable.

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