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Tibet / Exile Tibet

Dharamsala Observes Indian Republic Day

Indian Republic Day observed in Dharamsala

This day marks the date on which the constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950. More

Audio DIIR Mobile Photo Exhibition on Tibet Concludes in Delhi

"The main aim of this mobile photo exhibition is to highlight and inform the Indian university students of the current Tibetan situation," says Tsering Wangdue, Department of Information and International Relations.

Video Study and Pursuit of Science in Tibetan Society

Tibetan Scientific Society is a newly formed organization in India that provides guidance for Tibetan students pursuing the sciences.

Audio Dalai Lama Addresses RML Hospital Medical Staff

A talk on promotion of human values in the interest of human happiness and the fostering of inter-religious harmony was given to a crowd of doctors, nurses, and students.

Video Tibetans Helping Tibetans

Kunleng discusses the growing trend of exile Tibetan individuals and groups extending aid and support to exile Tibetan communities and projects in India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Audio Tibetans Install Buddha Amitabha Statue at Nighambodh Delhi Cemetery

The statue was installed on the largest and busiest cremation ground of Delhi, where 50 - 60 Hindu and Buddhist funeral rites are carried out daily.

Audio Historic Reform Of The Sakya School Of Tibetan Buddhism

Sakya is one of the four major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and its head throne has been historically held for a life term, alternatively by the eldest sons of the two Sakya Palaces for the last one thousand years.

Audio Indian Human Right's Group Discusses China's Tibet Policy

The conference was organized by the Human Rights Defense International (HRDI) based in Delhi, India.

Audio "Meltdown in Tibet" a Film and Book Launch in Delhi

The Canadian writer and environmentalist Michael Buckley has long been involved in researches on Tibet and is the author of a number of books on Tibet.

Audio Gyalwa Karmapa’s Escape from Tibet

The departure of Karmapa Urgyen Trinley Dorjee from Tibet in 1999, and the dangers and obstacles they had to overcome in order to finally reach Dharamsala are discussed.

Video Dalai Lama’s Lamrim Teaching in South India

The commentaries on Lamrim (The 18 Great Stages of the Path) took place at the Ganden Jangtse Monastery in Mundgod, South India between December 23-28, 2014

Audio Lobsang Sangay Presides Over Global Tibetan Entrepreneurship Conference in Mundgod

The two-day conference includes interactive sessions with Tibetan entrepreneurs from various sectors including real estate, hospitality, education, and IT.

Audio Tibetan Youth Leadership Training Concludes in Delhi

50 participants including 28 girls were given a five day training organized by the Tibetan Youth Congress based in Dharamsala, north India.

Audio Dalai Lama: China Hardliners Hold Xi Back on Tibetan Autonomy

China, which labels the Tibetan spiritual leader a separatist, denies split within government over the issue

Audio Vatican Denies Dalai Lama Papal Audience Over China Concern

Vatican, which has had no formal diplomatic ties to Beijing since shortly after Communist Party took power in 1949, has been trying to improve relations with China

Audio Historic Dalai Lama Broadcast Resonates on Chinese Social Media

Sweeping 80-minute interview covers range of topics, including necessity of Tibet's cultural preservation amid myriad conflicts

Audio World AIDS Day In Exile Tibetan Society

The activities for increasing awareness of the deadly disease taking place in Dharamsala and other Tibetan settlements across India are discussed.

Audio Tibetans Emphasize Cultural Identity Through 'Lhakar'

On Wednesdays, students at the Tibetan Children's Village School in Dharamsala pray and participate in an important ritual. Instead of their usual uniforms, girls come wearing an ethnic tunic and boys a traditional shirt.

Audio The State Of Buddhist Culture In Nepal Today

The possible challenges faced in practicing and preserving Tibetan culture and identity in Nepal after the political changes in recent years are discussed.

Audio Struggle of the Tibetan People is Very Meaningful and Important to Me: Ashoka Mukpo

“The struggle of Tibet is very meaningful for me and important. And I hope that there is a resolution to the situation in Tibet very soon and that the Tibetans can have a homeland that they have control of and they have their say on how to govern it," said Mukpo.

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