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TWA Organizes Workshop on Legal Empowerment of Tibetan Women in Exile

TWA Organizes Workshop on Legal Empowerment of Tibetan Women in Exile

The training will cover vital areas such as-the practical aspects of understanding gender, patriarchy, gender socialization, tackling dilemmas, and stereotypes. More

Audio Department of Education Organizes Art and Craft Exhibition

Mrs Dolkar Lhamo, head of the counseling section spoke about the aims and objectives of introducing art and crafts in Tibetan schools.

Audio Tibet Policy Institute Releases Book on Current Leaders in Tibet

The book documents the leadership structure in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet Autonomous Prefectures, and the Tibetan areas.

Audio Kasur Rinchen Khando Speaks on Women of Tibet

Khando was the President of the Tibetan Women's Association, until she was elected to the Tibetan Cabinet in 1994.

Audio Tibet Fund and Institute of Buddhist Dialectic Organizes Summer Tibetan Study Program

The program's objective is to provide an opportunity to young Tibetans, born or brought up in the West to learn about Tibetan culture, history, and the community in exile.

Audio NGOs Organize Tibetan Democracy in Exile Workshop

The 7-day workshop is aimed to broaden the knowledge of Tibetan history, culture, religion, democracy, and the present situation inside Tibet.

Audio Former Tibetan Nomad Boy Receives PhD Degree from Oxford

Lama Jabb received his doctoral degree from Oxford, focusing on modern Tibetan literature, and soon afterwards, a fellowship to research Tibetan and Himalayan Studies at Wolfson College, Oxford.

Video Much More than a Library: LTWA

Kunleng discusses the evolution of Dharamsala’s Library of Tibetan Works and Archives and its current status as a major international learning center on Buddhism and Tibetan culture, and its use of state of the art technology to preserve and conserve Tibetan books and manuscripts.

CST Dalhousie: Extraordinary School for Extraordinary Times

Kunleng discusses the Central School for Tibetans Dalhousie’s 50th Anniversary, and its inordinate impact on exile Tibetan society.

Video Tibetan Culture and Japan

Kunleng discusses the growing awareness and understanding of Tibetan history and culture in Japan with Professor Khangkar Tsultrim Kalsang,

Video Tenzin Namgyal Maja, Intel Design Engineer

Tenzin Namgyal works at Intel, one of the largest multinational semiconductor chip maker at its Bangalore, India campus. Prior to joining Intel, he was a senior research and development engineer with a firm involved in system and high speed board design. Maja did his Master of Technology in Electronics Design and Technology from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. He feels that a combination of sweat and judicious study planning are keys to success in the science fields.

Video Paljor Tsering: Nomad, Refugee, Diplomat

Kunleng interviews Paljor Tsering, former Kalon in the exile Tibetan government on his autobiography, ‘The Nature of All Things’.

Four Tibetan Writers Honored for Commitment to Free Expression

Four Tibetan writers have been awarded the Hellman/Hammett grants for their commitment to freedom

Mussoorie Tibetan Homes Foundation 50 Years

The Dalai Lama at the 50th anniversary celebration of Tibetan Homes Foundation, and a look back at the institution’s role in shaping the exile Tibetan society.

Audio Former Students Wish Tibetan Homes Foundation on its 50th Anniversary

Former students wish Tibetan Homes Foundation on its 50th anniversary

Audio 5th Annual Debate on Tibetan Cultural Studies at Sarah Institute Concludes Today

Around 60 students and monks from all over India attended the four-day debate on Tibetan cultural studies at Sarah Institute near Dharamsala

Audio Interview with Tibetan Canadian Parliamentary Interns

Two summer interns at the Canadian Parliament share their experiences

Audio 40 Aspiring Tibetan Civil Servants Selected for Special Recruitment Training

Tibetan Public Service Commission launched a special recruitment training for 40 selected candidates

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